I'd Choose You All Over Again

Valentine's Day- did you celebrate, beautiful one?

Some folks CRINGE at the thought of Valentine's Day.  Completely cringe.  Others deem it Single Awareness Day, slowwwwwly stepping away from the keyboard to save themselves from the parade of roses and teddy bears.  Others completely ignore it. Just another day.

I'm going to say it, though.  I hope you celebrated today.... and if you didn't, that you will celebrate tonight.

Now, I'm not gonna go all "Jesus is your boyfriend" on you. I get it.  You're tired of that thought on a day like today.  (There's some good stuff in that thought, but that's another blog. LOL)

Side note? I actually saw a pic this week from a friend where a coworker got a cupcake on their desk and a note that said that. While I'm sure the heart of it was good, sometimes it's hard to "go there" as a single person.  Jesus goes with me everywhere, but ..... well, you know what I mean. He's hanging out with God at a party in heaven.  Not knocking on my door with roses to take me to the movies.

So, with that in mind, let's step away from the tangible for a moment and talk about what the wooing of your heart is supposed to be in this season as a single woman.

It's far beyond amazing moments.

This is not about roses (that will die), dinners (that will be forgotten), or diamonds (that will make your eyes dance for a moment, but not change your heart forever).

This is about Someone KNOWING your heart and celebrating YOU for everything that you are.  EVERY single bit of you... right down to counting the hairs on your head and adoring every one of them.  Right down to knowing your deepest, darkest ouch moments... and choosing to look beyond them to only see the Beauty that He defines you by.

For me, I had to forget boyfriends, fiances, husbands... and start with Who would truly sweep me off my feet in a forever sense. Because when I stared at that, it made me far more equipped to bring a whole me to a human relationship.

'Cause hey... there is nothing wrong with flowers (that are beautiful for a moment in time), dinners (that make me use the good china or someone else's good china! LOL), and diamonds (that make my nails look better than they did a minute ago).  I mean, that stuff is crazy fun! Right? :)

But they can't be the signature of TRUE LOVE on my heart.

They can't be the reason I feel loved. It has to come from more.

I have to feel LOVED and ENOUGH because Someone who will never change their mind says I am SO worth it.  There's only ONE who can do that.

That's the building block that my forever stands on... and any relationships from this day forward MUST be steeped in the heart that God himself has for me.

So, that's what I hope you celebrated today. If a rose or dinner or a movie helps you show that to yourself, by all means, GO FOR IT!  If it was vegging out in front of the TV celebrating your control over the remote control (LOL), then you rock on with your bad self, girl. :)  If it was a quiet moment reflection.... or JAMMING OUT to your favorite tunes in the car simply because you can, I hope you went there... or that you'll go there.

But no matter WHAT you did today, I pray that you took a moment to tell the Leader of your home, the Lover of your soul, and the Writer of your story that you are delighted that He chose you.... and that you choose Him all over again every day.

And if you haven't, yet?  It's not too late.  Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful one.  You are chosen... and He'd choose you all over again.

ChristieAitken@gmail.com, 2015
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