From Problem to Provision

So, this story is still being written, but I had to give you all an update.  It's not about this girl getting a blessing, but completely about the One who is willing to give them.  I want to always share our story, because I believe that what He will do for me, He will do for another.

If you follow my blog you know that my car died a sputter, sputter, I-Am-So-Dead kind of death on Friday.  The only chance of revival is a new engine.  One of my friends is a car pro, and he delivered the not so great news-- but only after helping me figure out how to get the car towed.  (Blessing? YES!)

My Camry was born in a good year.  The year was 1990-something.  Our paths were connected when a whole loaf of pregnancy-induced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a pregnancy test told me that my 90's sports car wasn't going to hold a car seat very well.

So, I stepped into the world of having a Mom Mobile.  (Face it guys.  When you leave a cherry red sports car for a Camry, it has to be parenting related.)

Anyway, here I am in 2015... and it appears that the Camry has seen it's final days in the sun.

It left me in what felt like a pinch, but as I last posted, I spent the weekend praising God with about a zillion of my sisters at #reCreate15 at Church of the Highlands.  I mean, I had the choice to cry over messed up wheels or rock about a risen Savior.  Thanks, Alex.  I'll take Door #2.

I prayed boldly most of the conference.  I believed that God was going to get me through the week with a car.  I founded a non profit that has a major worldwide event this week along with our local event, and not having a car was simply not an option.

With a Monday holiday, though, I was skeptical as to how many dots could be connected before Tuesday.

So, the Saturday afternoon session was about to close when I got a message from my friend.

Here's what it said:

"Did you make it to reCreate?  I have access to an extra car right now if you need to borrow it.  Love you."

Friends, Charlotte Gambill was speaking when I received this message... and I just lost it.  It wasn't an emotional point in the message, either... so I was that leader wearing a blue shirt advertising Small Groups, sniffling and snotting like nobody's business.  :)  I was more like the advertisement for "A small group isn't a small group until someone breaks out the Kleenex."

See, I was sitting there praying, and quite honestly, I'm not sure how much of Charlotte's message I was getting.  Like Peter when he took his eyes off Jesus and started that sinking into the water instead of walking on it, I was tired and starting to sink a little.

My mind had been rolling to my schedule for the upcoming week.  The doctor's appointment I had to attend, the non profit event I was called to run, the Governor's committee luncheon that I needed to be in attendance at, and .. work, my school, the kids' school, the textbook I needed to pick up, the... the... the...oh LORD!!! Help!  My heart was racing as I wondered for that split second if God really realized that this single parent, single car, single income gal simply could not do this without His divine intervention... and a car.

I prayed and tried to tune back into the message, but my mind kept wandering.  So I committed the ultimate "oh my goodness you facebooked in church" sin, and I checked my messages.  :)

That's when I saw the answer from my friend.  My message from God.  Here's your car, sweetie.  And why?  Because SHE had her eyes on Jesus when I lost my gaze and got distracted by fear, and "God told her" to let me borrow her car.

My problem had become my provision... just like the message that had been taught throughout the conference.  Everything I believed for was coming to pass, because of the One I trusted with the need.

I'll tell you, I realized in this that I'm not very humble.  I had a willingness check that brought me to my knees.  Was I willing to do whatever it took if God said, "Not right now" about a car?

Was I willing to reach out and ask for help to get the kids to school?  Was I willing to get a cab or carpool, if needed, to get me to work?

Y'all.... I balked.  I did.  I'm embarrassed to admit that, but I did.  I completely balked at the very thing I would have told another woman to be willing to do.  I balked and it showed me just how much growth God has to do in this heart.  I needed this lesson.  I did.

So before Sharion's message, I had to hand that egotistical nature to God and say, "Lord, I'm willing. Whatever it takes.  I'm willing.  Humble this heart... make me like you.  I'm special in your eyes, no doubt, but I never want to be terminally unique."

I got willing and He began working... almost instantly.  My friend's message followed shortly thereafter. She had a need for this car, and I had a need for a car.  God matched us up for a win that was so ridiculous that I still have to look in my driveway and realize, "She let you borrow her brand new car."  What a blessing to have a friend that trusts me that much!

A new-to-me car or a new engine.

That's where we are; however, LOOK AT how my Lord provided... just for this season to find the next answer.

Sometimes the answers do not come all at once, friends.  Sometimes they come in pieces.

God sees the whole puzzle, though, when we only see the pieces in our hands.

Hold on to "whole puzzle" kind of faith.  Pray over the piece in front of you.

He has so much more in store.

Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved.


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