We SHARE What Matters - #AutismMatters

I know everyone can't relate to autism... and that's okay. Let's use an example that resonates with 100% of the population.
A broken bone. Your child has a broken bone.
It hurts them so badly. But this is a type of break that only 1 in 68 people get.
It's different from the average break.

(That part's important.  Don't forget it.)

There is a fix for the broken arm, but insurance won't cover it because of the diagnosis code.

Your child is in pain daily. It can be treated, but it won't be. You hear them crying in bed. The school calls to tell you that the day is not going well. A great deal of excruciating pain.  24/7.  Pain.  Tears.  Coping.  Tears.  Tired.
You watch, try to help, and are as comforting and knowledgable as you can be--- but treatment isn't an option because ... because insurance.

The treatment is pricey. Beyond your family's reach. Estimated costs are upwards of $125 twice a week or more. And that's just for one treatment of this complex fracture. Others are needed.

Upset yet? Of course you are.

That broken bone matters. That child matters. The treatment is needed. It's medically necessary, no matter what we call this break or how we code it. Your baby needs help. NOW.

Now switch that broken bone to an autism diagnosis, friends. But do me a favor and keep your child's face on this mental picture....
You don't have to understand autism to understand the heart of a parent who simply wants treatment for their child.
You don't have to understand the logistics of diagnosis codes or insurance red tape to know that someone needs to make a change for people on the autism spectrum who are being denied services.

That parent crying into their pillow is you. That child is just like yours.

You don't have to understand anything beyond that to help bring awareness to the needs that exist.
Alabama is 1 of 7 states in the US where families are being denied coverage for needed autism services.
My prayer is that our state will TRULY seek to make it a requirement to "cover what matters" for EVERY family. In the gap, will you SHARE what matters? Your child matters. My child matters. Their child matters. #AutismMatters.

CLICK HERE to see how you can help: https://www.autism-alabama.org/advocacy/autismmatters/ Copyright © 2016 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved.  www.ChristieAitken.net 


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