You In?

Every.  Single.  Morning.

Brand new.

It’s good news, friends!

We no longer have to be consumed.

Look, I know what you’re dealing with feels like the end.

Well, maybe I don’t know.  But I know how I’ve felt with perceived ends.

It’s so easy to buy the lie of hopelessness.   It’s so easy to be consumed.

The way of the world. Overwhelmed. Without hope.  Life ain’t fair.  You know the song.  You know the dance.

We are called to more than the ways of the world, though.  We have the Hope of Heaven who has chosen to invest in our lives.

He takes every perceived end and wraps it up in His righteousness and grace.  He shines the glory of eternity with Him into the darkness.  He breathes and hope blankets our existence.

It’s our chosen reality.  It’s the truth. We don’t have to live in the ways of the world.  We don’t have to buy the lie.

Compassions that never fail.

Yours for the taking.

Great IS His faithfulness.

You in?

Copyright © 2018 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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