Students as Teachers with Bibles at School

So, tomorrow is #BringYourBible to school day.

Only my oldest will not be at school tomorrow.

When I told Beau that there was a conflict, his immediate response was, "Well, I guess I take my bible to the meeting then... and hey, Mama, can we take bibles and give to everyone?" So, yes, he's taking his bible to the State Board of Education meeting tomorrow.... and he's praying on that whole having-extra-bibles-to-pass-out-at-will thing. It's a little bit amazing that the prayers of so many adults that brought Alabama to this place of "saying the D word" (dyslexia) is being wrapped up with a 13 year old speaking life over the same. I imagine that my child is not the only one. This is truly sacred ground.
This journey started formally (for us) when he was 7 years old. Tomorrow is (God willing - and I like to think He is), going to be the restart button that takes things to the next level for the next child. Only God. Only God.

So, earlier tonight Beau was telling me that when we meet with Mayor Todd Strange this month about dyslexia, he wants to talk to him about creating a business that cleans up properties around the city that "just need a little help" to get back on their feet... and that his business would "do it for free." He wants to hear Mayor Strange's thoughts about "getting this city looking so good".  

My 13 year old is completely serious, too. You need to know that. He's serious... pointing out properties along Atlanta Highway and saying how he can totally get them back in good condition.

He has this crazy huge vision that makes me feel super tiny in a big, giant world. He sees no limits and can't imagine why people wouldn't want to jump on board for the good of all mankind.

Exhibit A? A lady near my work had a wreck today. It was a parking situation and it just wasn't good. She was positioned poorly in the parking area following the wreck, and I'm afraid people were not very nice about not being able to get around her. She was distraught on top of the obvious distress of having an accident. Those people were distraught over being late for work. Beau's take? He said we should "really set up laws" that "if you CAN help, that you DO help"... and that people should just stop and do it. Legislating morality. Yes. We talked about it and how it might not have the impact for which he hoped, but that I totally love his spunk and his belief that people have goodness in them.

Oh this heart... a heart for ministry and "free business" (non profit) work. A longing to get everyone on board. A heart that is so innocent and simply sees no limitations.

I think the bible calls that childlike faith. Just believing that God is who He says He is, and why in the world would He put something on your heart if He didn't mean to help you out with it. A heart that believes if God puts someone in front of you, that you simply should stop and help... because clearly that is your role in that moment.

Oh, Lord, mold and shape this heart to the areas that YOU want him impacting. Teach him grace to know that everyone won't always want to join in, but that doesn't change the callings you place before him. Teach him that he can carry his bible and his beliefs everywhere He goes and that the change simply has to begin with him... and then others will sometimes be inspired to join with when he walks it out with YOUR JOY. And when/if they aren't inspired? Well, it's just okay. Because that's not his journey. He's just supposed to be salt and light and love. Your role, Lord, is to handle what comes from that salt, light, and love.

He told me tonight that he wants to increase our team for the work we do. He wants people working on different shifts so that I can "rest a little more." <3 I taught him about new dreams require a little more work on the front end, but how God builds amazing teams. So he's spoken our expanded team into existence tonight.

Don't you love when God gives a prophetic word to your child? The very things I've been praying for, my child cast vision for this evening. <3 He even took it further than what I could see.

A great night of worship followed by a fantastic night of the student being the teacher. Lord, I'm so in awe of you. Thank you for the blessings, my boys, and just Who you are. It truly is so very well with this soul.

Love, Christie

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