God’s If/Then Statements

I love God’s “if/then” statement here.  It’s so clear.

If we stick close to Him and stockpile His word in our hearts, there is no limit to what He will do on behalf of our prayers.

So, is God doing some spiritual genie thing here?

No, not at all.

I think this is very purpose-filled.  He knows that His word will change us.  Closeness to Him will change us. We can’t stand in the presence of both and be who we once were.

We will pray differently after spending time with Him.  Our will suddenly will become His will. It’s this alignment of purpose and vision.

We are no longer little ones throwing a fit in the toy store for that thing we want, but instead we become mature in Christ and come alongside the Ultimate decision maker for His best in our lives.

Get close to Him today. Dive into what He has for you.  I promise, you’ll leave changed. - Christie Aitken, 7/9/18



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