Thrifting Diva Diaries - $17 and 2 Hours

$17.00 and 2 hours.

That was the cost today.  I think it's important that we talk about the cost of our purchases beyond the dollar signs.  Your time is of value, too.  Make sure to count the cost there.  It's probably the most important factor.  What we spend money on and how we spend our time are telling.  True story.

Anyway, today's time and money spent served my little world well.  My kids were otherwise occupied, so I had time to myself and I set a financial and time boundary before walking out the door today.

The fruits of this ridiculously-fun labor are shown below... all NWT (New with Tag) minus the puppy gear.

Again, the secret to this thrifting deal is not to buy just for the sake of buying.  We buy with purpose.  It can be crazy cute and amazing deal, but if it doesn't have purpose in your world, it won't bless you or your family.  Be intentional.

Today's intentions?

Pup harness- our little rescue love chewed hers up last night.  Heyyyyy, Jesus.  Thanks for caring about pup needs and my wallet.  $2 for the win.

Auburn colored ;) Polo Shoes-  don't tell my little Bama fan that I said that whole War Eagle thing, but these BRAND NEW polo shoes are going to serve as new golf shoes for the year since he's outgrown his.  I anticipate a small battle over the colors, but ... for $1.00 I'll take my chances.

Exercise Ball- Sensory heaven and structural goodness for sitting at the desk.  We have one, but we needed another.  $4.00 later... so much yes.

Rockin' Wedge Shoes- SO me.  Brand new.  $4.00 a pair.  They were basically made for me.  It would have been rude to leave them there alone. :)

Lint Lizard Vacuum Thing-A-Ma-Jigger - I've wanted to get one of these for easy lint cleaning out with our dryer.  Y'all, have I mentioned lately how God provides in the teeniest little things? I totally smiled when I saw this.  It's silly.  It's little.  But, He sees us and reminds me sometimes through Lint Lizard contraptions at the grand price of $2.00.

Now... did I mention the fact that ALL of this was NWT?  I did.  But I'm saying it again.  BRAND NEW items... with the tags.

Seriously, y'all.  We live in a world full of stuff-itis.  We buy too many things that we don't need, and the uncluttering that ensues means that there are deals to be had if we just look for them.  It's this mutual blessing that cannot be ignored.  You get a deal and someone is relieved of the burden of stuff cluttering the space where God wants to work miracles.  YES.  YES.  YES.

People who want to live debt-free take the steps to do the uncommon things so that they can live there and do uncommon living later.  I'm on board.  200%.

Okay... so last thing and then it's time to do some decluttering of my own (bring in new things, get rid of old... immediately).

I see a lot of interesting things yard sale-ing and thrifting.  It's never boring.  Today, I witnessed two of my favorite stories, though.

First, a grandmotherly type.  I'm going with maybe great-grandmother.  She was precious and this sister had firmly set her boundaries on pricing before I ever walked up.  Retail price is $9.99?  You could expect to pay $6... and that was it.  She had this amazing basket for sale and since I could tell she was pretty set on her pricing, I decided to ask her how much she wanted for the basket (think huge laundry hamper with lid).   She told me she didn't have space for it and she was asking $7.00.  I asked her if she would consider $5.00 (I loved it, but only $5.00 loved it - again, know what you are willing to spend before you shop).  Ms. Great Grandmother just lovingly said, "No.  I don't think I want to take $5.00.  I would like to have $7.00."  :) 

Y'all.  I loved her.  Now, I didn't buy it, but I totally bought into everything that was her.  I want to take a little of that awesomeness with me and never forget it.  She was not feisty.  She was not sassy.  She was just clear on what SHE wanted and was willing to express it in this matter of fact way.  Not hostile.  Not haughty .  Just ever so clear and unapologetic about how she was going to rock that moment.  I got a lot more than a purchase with her.  That's some good life stuff.

Most hysterical moment?  One of the last sales of the day that I walked up on, and the yard sale folks were in stitches.  Giggling.  Just falling out laughing.  As I approached I could hear the story unfolding, so they shared the specs. 
Before I arrived, one yard sale buyer was following a more experienced shopper around.  Literally asking if she was going to buy everything she picked up.  Clearly annoyed, by the end of her shopping experience, Experienced Shopper picks up a pair of pants and Newbie Shopper asks the question of the day, "Are you going to buy that?"

Experienced Shopper says, "You can buy these pants from me for $2.00." 

Newbie Shopper spots the great deal and says, "Great.  $2.00."  She buys the pants and leaves.

Experienced SHOPPER takes the $1.00 to the Yard Sale OWNER and pays the amount due and leaves $1.00 the richer.

Experience, friends.  LOL... Sometimes it's just plain fun out there.

Have a great day and enjoy your thrifting adventures!  I would love to hear from you with your thrifting wins and stories.  You can read my previous #ThriftingDiva adventure here and watch this blog for a back-to-school thrifting interview to come soon! 

- Christie

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