Thrifting Diva Diaries - Quality, Quality, Quality!

$36.00.  That's what I spent out of a $40.00 budget.

Value of the trip?  I'll let you be the judge.

Below I'll show you the costs along with a picture of (most of) the items.

Sorting baskets - free. 

Boutique sundress - $1.00

Eddie Bauer Jacket - $2.00

Liz Claiborne dress jacket - $1.00

Hoodie and SB Tech dry wear shirt - $2.00 each

Christmas Laser Show thingies that my kids have begged for years to have? $2.00 each

School uniform jacket - $2.00 

 Workout shirts - $2.00

Columbia cargo pants - $2.00 

Casual T shirts - $2.00 total

Baby Carrier Cover turned into a Sensory Blanket - $1.00

Dress shoes (new), 8 pieces of (new) Under Armor workout gear, a BEAUTIFUL formal dress, Chap's dress shirts (2), frame holders, ping pong balls (20) and storage system to hold them, expansion surge protector, burlap hanging board, (like new) tennis shoes, dress shoes, and personal coffee maker made up the rest of the total.

It was a BIG thrifting day, friends, and every purchase was very intentional.

FUN: There was one "fun" item in there (the Christmas lights), but we've been looking at those for years... and $4 for 2 of them is a steal.

MINISTRY: Some of the items not shown will be used for loving on folks that we love dearly. <3  Let's just say there were some "meant to be" purchases that could have only been divinely ordained.

FUNCTION: Let's chat, guys.  Navy jackets are navy jackets.  School uniform pants are... well, school uniform pants.  Whether I tear the tag off of it from a store and wash it or buy it on consignment and wash it, a good piece of clothing can still serve great function at a fraction of the price.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Did you SEE that sensory blanket modification? Oh, friends.  That thing is going to serve the socks off my guy (and maybe Mama, too).  How comforting is it to have something that feels so good in your hands when you are anxious, nervous, or just want to relax?  Get creative and you'll find things like this where you least expect it.

This trip was all about QUALITY for me.  You know good name brands when you see them.  Right?  Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Chaps, and Under Armor were my big brand names on this trip that simply shouted quality.

Moreover, I knew what I wanted to spend and I didn't diverge from that beautifully budgeted trail of order.

Friends, we live in a society that has too much of everything.  Thrifting, if done right, is this mutually beneficial practice of allowing one person to get rid of excess while allowing another to get a great deal and meet some of the needs I mentioned above.

If you haven't given it a whirl, stay tuned.  I'll be knocking out misconceptions about thrifting, giving some tips on intentional thrifting, and sharing my most fun finds.  We're going to have a blast piddling in this together every now and again.

As for this trip?  It was a fun day full of great finds.  2 hours.  Hundreds of dollars saved.  A little ministry in the mix, and a morning of meeting some very lovely people along the way.

I'll be blogging more about my #ThriftingDiva diaries, so stay tuned!  - Christie

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