The Night Before 13 - A Mama's Heart

The night before 13.

It is 11:30 pm and I am watching you sleep.

Still 12 years old.

You are so full of peace.

It is this calm that I want for you always, son.

I want the busiest moments and the most volatile seasons in life to bring you back to the peace I watch you breathe in and out right now.

The peace that only God can give.

The peace of heart and mind that He created you for... just resting in the divine assurance that God is God and you will have what you need each and every day.

I never want you to lose this.

Each year the world will try to convince you differently, my son.

It will try to add pressures.



The world will tell you to be more, try harder, do better.

And the world will sound convincing.

It will not speak the language of grace that God has stamped on your spirit.

I urge you to take a different road than the one the world offers.

The one so often not taken.

Take the road that has a beautiful view, even if it has difficulties along the way.

The view at the top is worth the challenge.

Make a point of seeing the glory of God when the world cannot quite find it.

Take the road that requires an investment of your heart.

Do something that matters, son.

Because you are called to greatness, but you need a Guide to get there.

Do you hear that voice?

It's the one that whispers to your heart.

It's the one that stirs your very soul.

That's the one, buddy.

You are called to greatness.

And while you know that I think you are wonderful, this is not about YOU being great.

It's about the Almighty that put a thirst for His greatness in your very soul.

The friendship you have with Him will put you in positions to do great things in His name.

As you arrive in those places, be they big or small, never forget the very Guide that paved that path for you... and the reason that you are even there.

Realize that every day is a gift.

Do not coast in the luxury of taking a breath for granted.

Someone in this world is grasping for one every moment, so it's on you to make yours count.

Praise God for the little things, my man.  They are really the big things.

You already intuitively know, my son, how to take time for you... to retreat from the world when you need space.

Balance that God-given intuition out with a community of His kids who know you like none other.

You were made for community, relationships, and love.  God's word tells you that.

To give.  To receive.  To celebrate the goodness that you are determined to find on this side of heaven.

Keep that fire in your eyes, baby.

It was lit by God himself, and someone needs your light.

I challenge you to light this world up with His love.

The world needs men like you.

You will always be my baby, but your greater calling is to be Gods man.

I love you.

He loves you more.

Never forget that.

Love, Mama

Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken.
All rights reserved.


  1. What a beautiful letter to your son. I loved the photos, too - he reminds me of a boy I knew in high school, and that made me smile. :)

    It's such a push-pull as Mamas, isn't it, how we want to grab them close but we have to push them (gently) out?

    1. Indeed, Casey. Our call is to raise them into men that can navigate the world with conviction, character, and a little charisma. :) Our hearts say "Stay close so I can protect you." Somewhere in the middle of all of the push and pull, we find God waiting patiently and lovingly.


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