Not Afraid - The Battle Cry of the Called

I had to press pause before I wrote about this.

Prayer and hours of reflection later, I can say this....
There is no fear or evil on this side of heaven that has not been absolutely defeated at Calvary's cross.

The absolute hate that we've seen on display tonight has no power over the GRACE and LOVE that has redeemed the human condition by calling us into the light that is the love of Christ Jesus.

We are called to LOVE a hurting world through this tragedy, and introduce them to Hope eternal.

See, evil DID NOT win tonight in the City of Love. 

Evil set off a love revolution around the world.

Evil reminded us of the One True Love that has already won, and will bring LIGHT and LOVE to every place that ravages our hearts on this side of heaven.

The people of Paris have declared that they are "Not Afraid." 

May the world follow suit and SEEK the Light of Love that makes us unafraid globally. Be salt and light. Be love. Clearly, our world needs both more than ever before.

May the BATTLE CRY of the Called be "NOT AFRAID."

This is not a new cry.  It's spoken of repeatedly in the Bible.

I would love to hear the "NOT AFRAID" verses that YOU are declaring as your own personal battle cry.

Post them in the comments and let's create a list of verses that will empower a world of unafraid citizens.  We are called to more than fear.

There is a world out there that is starving for HOPE and LOVE.
Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved.


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