I'm Praying For You

Teachers - I just want you to know I'm praying for you tonight.  I long for the day when each and every one of you can walk into your classes and teach to the heart and mind of the child in front of you.  No outside stresses.  Just teaching for the love of teaching.

I pray on the days when the stress creeps in that you will continue rising above it as only you can do in order to raise up life long learners.

I pray for simplistic days for your room full of intricate questions and joyful declarations from the most glorious of minds. Days where the love of learning shines brighter than any red tape that seeks to confine it.  Days when you walk out of your room and say, "Thank you, Lord, for picking me... and for letting me come back tomorrow to do it all again."

That's my prayer for you tonight.  More connecting.  Less constraints.  Simplicity.  Students who adore your love for them and seek the knowledge that flows freely from every moment that has you in it.  Thank you for who you are and Whose you are!

Parents- I'm praying for you.  All of you.  Your hearts and the dreams that you have for the kids that you love.

Tonight, I am particularly praying for those of you wrapping up year end plans for IEPs, 504s, transition years, and more.  I'm praying for people around you that see the child before the file that tells about the child.

I'm praying for your heart as you look at data and stats that tell you places of need for your child, and that you consider those-- but that you stare at the magnificence that is your child even more.

I'm praying that after the meeting you make a plan to take your child for ice cream or to play at the park.  That you take your teenager to Starbucks.  That you take yourself to a quiet place.

I'm praying that you take a minute to grieve what hurts when hurt rears its head, and that you step forward on the new ground of promise and hope for the child entrusted to your care... because His mercies are new every morning.  Even this one.

There is no cap on what your child can do, as they were created by the One who knows no limits.  He tells the ocean where to stop and start.  Surely He hasn't called us out into waters that He cannot control?  I'm believing for Red Sea moments for you.  Parted waters. Clear paths.  Confident hearts.

I'm praising with you and for you that He is enough, and that means we don't have to be.  I pray you lean in.  Hard and heavy.  Just lean.


Tonight I'm praying for your learners like I'm praying for mine.  That the scholars in your home feel a burning inside that calls them to their personal best and the Jeremiah 29:11 plan that God created them to fulfill!

May they learn to lead and follow with the wisdom of the One who will never lead them astray.

May they be drawn to those who call on You.

May they be those who do the same.

In Jesus' name- Amen

❤️ - Christie Aitken, 2016

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