Dreaming with God

I've asked my kids daily this year, "How can I pray for you today?"

The responses vary in our carpool drive to school, but they usually land somewhere in the balance of "that I have a good day" and "that things go smoothly." 

For a bit, those responses resonated so sweetly with me.  They were seeking peace-filled days.  They were talking to me about prayer.

Then one day, I felt this God-nudge.  "Christie, ask them what they are DREAMING with Me about.  I want them dreaming."

I won't go into their responses, as that's this ongoing conversation between my boys and me.  I will say that this dialogue stepped all over my toes as I flipped the question to myself.

"Christie, what are YOU dreaming with God about?  God wants you dreaming."

In the day to day surviving of life, sometimes I think we cozy up to what's expected by the world and forget to have expectancy for God's "more" in the middle of it. 

Dreaming with God doesn't fit into the confines of living for Fridays and the weekends.  Dreaming with God bursts our prayer lives at the seams.

God is creative.  His ways are so much more spectacular than ours.  He's not stumped by the ordinary, but ever so familiar with extraordinary... and He invites us into that space.  Heirs to the throne as believers in Christ, left in this space to do even greater things.

Dreaming feels risky.  I mean, we might be disappointed.  Right?

Dreaming with God, however, is infinitely different if we're asking Him to equip us with His dreams for our lives and the vision to carry those out.

Lord, let me want what I already have and let me dream only the dreams that come from your heart.  I want to be where You want me.  Open my eyes and heart.  Let's dream, Father.

Copyright © 2018 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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