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6 Powerful Things That God Loves About You

Across the board, we have to let this sink in.  A relationship with Jesus changes the game, friends.  Here are some beautiful things that we simply must remember.  Here we go... 6 Powerful Things That God Loves About You
1- You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made... Every wonderful, intricate, beautifully woven detail of you was handcrafted by the Father himself, and He declared it good.  
2- You were completely His idea... God didn't make mistakes when He made you... because He doesn't have the ability to make a mistake.  Ever.  He whipped up vast oceans, beautiful landscapes, the most extraordinary sunsets... and you.  With a simple breath He created you, and He stood back in awe of His handiwork.  There was not a single "oops" moment.  He didn't have a single second when He said, "Oh, no.  I didn't see that coming."  You were planned for and carefully crafted into being... for signs and wonders, miracles, and ministry.  You are one of His favorite ide…

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