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Thrifting Diva Diaries - $17 and 2 Hours

$17.00 and 2 hours.

That was the cost today.  I think it's important that we talk about the cost of our purchases beyond the dollar signs.  Your time is of value, too.  Make sure to count the cost there.  It's probably the most important factor.  What we spend money on and how we spend our time are telling.  True story.

Anyway, today's time and money spent served my little world well.  My kids were otherwise occupied, so I had time to myself and I set a financial and time boundary before walking out the door today.

The fruits of this ridiculously-fun labor are shown below... all NWT (New with Tag) minus the puppy gear.

Again, the secret to this thrifting deal is not to buy just for the sake of buying.  We buy with purpose.  It can be crazy cute and amazing deal, but if it doesn't have purpose in your world, it won't bless you or your family.  Be intentional.

Today's intentions?

Pup harness- our little rescue love chewed hers up last night.  Heyyyyy, Jesus.  Thanks …

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