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Evil - there's nothing "right" about it.

It all makes me hurt... and I can't quite get my words together coherently about what I'm seeing on my news feed.  I'll ask you to forgive me in advance, because there's a high probability I'll be all over the place with this post.
8/12/17.  A day I spent knee deep in loving on my guy for his birthday, and then in the bed with a day of home remedies and allergy meds.  Amid the allergy-med-induced naps and grogginess of feeling like mud, however, I started seeing stories in my social networking news feeds.... and my heart is broken.
What I saw called for my full prayer... my full attention.  So, here I am today.  Definitely not speechless or typeless... and keenly aware that what I think of any given topic on any given day is truly irrelevant in the big scheme of things. I'm just another person trying to walk out life on this side of heaven. My opinions aren't going to change any of this or any lives, honestly.   Why?  Because I'm powerless beyond my pr…

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