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For years and years, God has given me a single word for the year.  Most years He gives me a bible verse to accompany it.  He made this mind.  He knows what works for me.  |
One word. 
One verse.  
One year.

Keep it simple, sweetie.  Right?

Most years I go into December knowing the word and the verse.  Never has it taken this long for me to hear Him speak.  

I won't lie.  It's December 31st.  New Year's Eve.  I'm a planner by nature, so I've thought about it a couple of times today.  Where are we going this year, Lord?  What do you want to say to me? 

It's been radio silence.  All day.  Truth be known, it's been that way on this subject all month, really.  (He's God.  He can do that.) 

That's cool.  I'll wait, Father.  You just say the (literal) word, and I'm ready to go.


Moving on, tonight I was talking to some beautiful warrior mamas in Single Mom Central about one thing we wanted to do in 2018.  

Just one thing.  It was not a hyper-spiritual …

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