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Dreaming with God

I've asked my kids daily this year, "How can I pray for you today?"

The responses vary in our carpool drive to school, but they usually land somewhere in the balance of "that I have a good day" and "that things go smoothly." 

For a bit, those responses resonated so sweetly with me.  They were seeking peace-filled days.  They were talking to me about prayer.

Then one day, I felt this God-nudge.  "Christie, ask them what they are DREAMING with Me about.  I want them dreaming."

I won't go into their responses, as that's this ongoing conversation between my boys and me.  I will say that this dialogue stepped all over my toes as I flipped the question to myself.

"Christie, what are YOU dreaming with God about?  God wants you dreaming."

In the day to day surviving of life, sometimes I think we cozy up to what's expected by the world and forget to have expectancy for God's "more" in the middle of it. 

Dreaming with G…

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