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I write.  A lot.  It's part of who I am. 

You know how people say they're "living their best lives"?  That's me when I'm writing.  My best life being lived with every stroke of the keyboard.

... and as beautiful as that feels, God's reminded me in this 41st year that my best life doesn't end there.
I'm alive when I sing.  Particularly in the car with my kids, singing songs that beg to be "sannngggg, girl" instead of simply being sung.  (Obligatory shout out to The Greatest Showman's Keala Settle for changing all our car-singing lives!) 
I'm alive when I talk about special education families, and even more alive when I'm doing life alongside them.   Grace.  Strength.  Real emotions.  Raw truth.  My people always.

Alive is the only way to describe the feeling I get when I see a single mother bring her family to church, breaking up every stat that the world has used to describe her family in the past.  Signs and wonders, sister…

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