I’m Going to Be Love

I was on a customer service help email the other day. I was requesting help from the representative who promptly let me know that he didn’t have time to deal with my request.

Um... okay.

My first thoughts were not Jesus.  My first thoughts were that helping me was kind of the whole job. Perhaps this representative should make time and maybe even dig up a smile while they were doing that.  My first thoughts were snarky.

And I felt justified in my snarkiness... which Jesus has dealt with me on this week by not letting that scenario leave my mind.

Should we do our jobs? Yes.  We should. With excellence.

But this wasn’t about his job.  It was about my job in the broad scheme of simply being a human.  Even more, being a Christian human.

Clearly stated needs and boundaries are fine.  Snark? Ehhhh, nope. Not fine.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another”... it doesn’t say for us to do this just when someone is reciprocating the same to us.  God just says to do it.

That’s my job, and it's kind of the whole job. Kind compassion that shows on repeat and exemplifies Christ. Perhaps this representative of Christ should make time and maybe even dig up a smile while she's doing that. Ouch much? Whew. Check my heart, Lord.

So, even though I didn’t act out the feelings I had, God loves me enough to do this heart check with me and not let go until I learn what He has me there to learn.

We never know what another has been through on any given day.  We never know what they live in. We never know the pain they suffer. Snark isn’t an option, friends.

So, we love.  We recognize our humanity and we call out the God-colors in our world.  We love ourselves and God enough to love others well, too.

I have an opportunity to respond to this representative.  It’s still a thing. I’m going to be love.  Over the top compassion and love.  Just because it’s my job.  

Copyright © 2018 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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