I feel _____.

I feel ______.

Insert your feeling of choice here.

I feel sad.
I feel happy.
I feel disappointed.
I feel bullet-proof.

You get the idea.

God gave us our feelings.  He made every part of us.  That means that they are inherently not a BAD thing.

What we do with them?  Whether we let them dictate what we do?

Yeah.... that's where things get sticky.

If I feel something, it's a signal to dig deeper.

Kind of like pain.  When we feel pain, it's our body signaling to us, "Hey.  Something's up here. Better check it out."

If we feel happiness or joy, we don't usually have to dig too deep for the "what's going on here?" factor.  It's usually pretty obvious.  Focusing on the emotions that please us is easy for us to do.  We don't mind going there.

But, what if we feel disappointment?  Anger?  Sadness? Grief?

Sure, there's the obvious indicators of why we feel that way.

  • Something I worked hard for didn't get accomplished.
  • I was wronged by someone I care about.
  • What they did was not right.
  • My friend died.
What about the pain points beyond the obvious, though?

If our feelings are hurt, there is the easy accessible "reason" for the hurt.  "They did XYZ to me."

Okay.  Check.  Got it.

But WHY do we care?  Why does it bother us so much?  Why does it stick with us like that sticky junk that remains after you take a bandaid off?

We have to dig a little deeper.

God has reminded me on repeat that there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) The devil loves to distract me.

He loves it.  If I'm distracted, I'm much less effective.  Period.  He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Distracting me will get me to each of his core goals eventually IF I allow him to take over my feelings.

2) Fear.

At the core of me, I have to ask "What in the world are you afraid of?"
Healthy fear has a place.  No doubt.  But that gnawing, aggravating fear that camps out in our hearts in the really deep places that no one else sees?  It drives so many emotions.

Let's ask the questions.  Let's dig deep.

The answers are not always pretty, but digging allows us to get to God's best.

I'm digging today.  You?

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