You've Been Called

We are called all of the time.

Calls from school.  Calls from home.  Calls from work.  Calls from kids.

Our phones ring off the hook 99% of the time and the smart phones that appear to be surgically attached to our hands have taken this to a whole 'notha level.

Our society is all about being called and we'll even stop face to face conversations to pick up our phones as needed.

The point is, our calls are a priority and we make room in our lives for them.

We answer the school.

We answer when home calls.

We would not dream of missing a call from work...

And a call from our kids?  Everything stops when they call.

But what about God?  When the Creator of the Universe dials your line, are you available?

This crossed my mind today.  I walked into a venue that I am quite certain is my life calling and I thought about the saying, "God equips the called."

What does it feel like to be called?

For me today, it meant feeling alive.  I was there for a reason and the reason extended far beyond the moment we were in.  I felt very clear of the work that is my mission field.

I'm quite certainly the poster child for the thought that "God equips the called."

I don't bring anything especially significant to the table, necessarily, in the world's eyes.  There are certainly many who are more qualified in earthly terms.

But when God qualifies His kids for something, He goes all out and makes the message very clear.

He puts desires in our hearts that He promises to fulfill.

He gives detailed vision to people who are not "big picture thinkers."

He turns writers into speakers.

He creates beauty from ashes.

All God asks for is a heart of willingness... and once He finds one, He'll do everything under the heavens He created to ensure the path is paved with beauty and connected dots.

No matter what your calling may be, when He calls... answer.

And don't just answer... say, "Yes."

He'll take it from there.

Make you make mistakes, crave peace, and dance in grace!

Copyright © 2013 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved.


  1. Thanks Christie!
    We are all guilty! But when we say "yes", a flood of joy and peace is released on our life and we will want more.

    1. That's EXACTLY what I have found to be true, Mike. Exactly. :)


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