Never-Shuts-Down Hope

A few thoughts this morning in the light of the "non-essential employee" comments you may have heard on the news...

1- No matter what your job or career is in this lifetime, God considers you "essential."  Please don't let the news of today tell you otherwise.

2- There is a special peace of laying beside a sleeping 5 year old with autism and praying extraordinary, "it can't be done" kind of prayers over him.

PS.  My God chuckles at "it can't be done" and says, "Watch this!")

PPS.  Bonus material?  The picture reel from a K5 kiddo with an iPad is something to behold.  ;)  He's kind of into "watch this", too!

3- There is something special about showing your kids "heart's desires" prayers in action.  Got to do this yesterday with the boys and my oldest seemed to "get" the idea of praying about something that was just a dream, but that God could turn into reality. :)  Kids get it. :)  Especially super cool 11 year olds...  He understands "blessing a building" because "one day" God has something cool in store.  I pray that God always teaches me through the faith of my children.

To the person reading this...

Today is yours.  The future is untapped.  God has a plan and the plan is good.  Take a look at it from that childlike faith view of days gone by!  The view is different from there.  I promise!

You decide if your "right now" is confining or a hub where the hopes of your heart can replicate themselves and become the JOY of our world.

A great, great book says, "The joy of the Lord  is our strength."  In times like these, whether you consider yourself a Christ-follower or not, I think this is something we all find appealing... joy and strength.  I know our United States of America could use some of BOTH right now... and the invitation to both are always open.  No matter how far we stray from the One who loves us most, He will always love us individually and collectively like we are the only kids He has.

You are precious.  You are chosen.  You are loved.

No matter what is going on (or NOT going on!) in Washington today, please remember that you have 24/7 access to the God that NEVER shuts down.

©Christie Aitken, 2013
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