Who Makes Mouths?

I was just reading Exodus 4.

It gets really good around verse 10.  That's right where Moses is trying to convince the Creator of the Universe that he's not equipped for the job he's being given.

That's laughable.  Right?

He rambles about how he has a speech impediment, and surely God doesn't really want HIM to speak.  He's confident that he would mess it all up.

Here's what I noticed...

God let's him present his case.  He let him present his case and then He asked a question.  Really calm.  Completely cool.  But just a single question to get Moses on track....

"Who makes mouths?"


Yeah. That would be you, God.  YOU make mouths.

Matter of fact, YOU made this mouth... yeah... the one I'm complaining about and saying isn't enough to do this job you've given me.

Oh wow.

I'm reminded by this exchange that God knows our abilities far better than we do.

He knows our weaknesses, too... and sometimes He asks us to do things IN those weaknesses because He knows that it's only through Him that they can be pulled off.

He wants to use us right there so that OTHER kids are drawn to Him, too.  It's all about eternity.  Has zilch to do with our ego and pride. :)

But catch this.... you know what the main thing God knows?  He knows HIS abilities.  They completely trump any excuse we can come up with.  He's got this thing down pat.  All we have to do is be willing to be used.

Now, God allows Moses a pass on this one and allows Aaron to step into the ballgame here (God did get a little agitated with Moses for all of the whining, but He still loved His guy)... but what He wanted was for Moses to step out on faith that was bigger than his own ego.
He wanted him to say, "Use me, Lord" and to not have any conditions on what that usage looked like.

How often does our "Use me, Lord" come with conditions?

How often do we interrogate the Creator of the Universe for wanting to use us in ways that we aren't sure are a good fit for us?  "But God... I'm not comfortable there."  "But God... I don't know how to do that."  "But God... that sounds weird to me."  "But God...."

How presumptuous are we to think that it's even ABOUT us at all!  I'm afraid that sometimes we are so busy looking at our shortcomings that we lose the ability to see what HIS vision for eternity might be... and that it's a HUGE honor that God Almighty might let us play a part in His plan.

My prayer tonight is to become BOLD... bold and unapologetic for my own shortcomings.  I want to BRAG in my weaknesses like scripture talks about.  The weaker I am, the more room there is for my God to shine.

After all, it's Him that gets them to heaven... NOT me.  When you look at it with eternal eyes, the little quirks that are me really don't matter at all.  The perfection that is Him, though?  It's everything.

Next time you want to tell God why you aren't qualified, just ask yourself, "Who makes mouths?"

End.  Of.  Story.

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