I Love to Tell HIS Story

I woke up this morning to the most excited note from one of my Single Mom Central moms.  She wanted to let me know that I had been chosen as an Honorable Mention for The Life of a Single Mom's Single Mom of the Year program. 

Here's the thing... I was so extremely humbled and honored by this, but was a little nervous that sharing it would point people to "look at me" instead of "look at what God's done."  

The ONLY good in me is because of Him, so any time I share, I want it to point to God... the One who loves me most. 

I received an email from TLSM on yesterday, but wasn't going to say anything to anyone. 

God had a different vote on that.   :)

You see, there's this press release out there.   Turns out that God doesn't like for His story to go untold.  :)  So here I am...  sharing HIS story.  I'm in the story along with other women, ministries, churches, and more, but it's ALL about Him.

ONLY God can take the moments that we think might break us (divorce, death, and more) and use them as a chance to say, "I see you, sweetie.  I see you, and I see EVERY single parent out there.  You.  Are.  Loved."  

Only God can take our "hot mess moments" and turn them into a "hot off the press MESSAGES" of how HE is changing lives!

I almost cried when I read the press release today and saw that 2014's National Single Mom of the Year, Lorri Linkhart (Beavercreek, Ohio), said that, too.  Her words were, "I'm stunned... I have been praying for a sign from God that He sees me, and this is it."

So, how did this honor from the ministry at TLSM take me back to God today?  It reminded me that I'm CALLED to step out of my comfort zone and tell my LOVE story... every single time God gives me the chance do so.

Love story?  Yes, indeed.  Here it is....

The Creator of the Universe sent His son to come down and sweep this single mom off of her feet, and into the sweetest relationships ever.  When the world looked and saw a failed marriage and deemed my home a "broken home" and my kids as future statistics, Mercy said "no."  He called us "righteous, holy, and redeemed."  He deemed this family complete with Him at the helm, and He teaches me daily how to lead my family to His heart.  He reminds us that anything else He ever does in our lives is icing on an ALREADY BEAUTIFUL cake that He has made because He loves us.

He sent Jesus to heal this heart... to fill in the gaps, holes, and ouch spots that this side of heaven can leave.  The grace poured thick through Jesus on the cross, because God CHOSE to SEE ME... that grace still brings me to my knees.  God now looks at this broken vessel and sees only the beauty that is Jesus.  Amazing grace, anyone?

He gave me the Holy Spirit to be my Best Friend... to be the One I call at 3 in the morning when I just need to talk, to guide me in God's plan for me, to fill me when I feel like I can't do one more thing, and to draw and woo me daily closer to the heart of God.  That last part is my favorite. :)  I love being wooed.

Then He put me in the middle of His kids.... specifically His girls... single, married, younger, more mature, outgoing, soft spoken, quirky, fun, bold, learning, teaching... and He grows this circle daily.   He put Godly men in the path of my boys through the local church, and He continually gives me the LOVE of my church family as a whole.  The body of Christ followers that we are in has been such a place to grow, serve, lead, and love.  I remain incredibly grateful and in awe of the gift that is Church of the Highlands.

So, how does the circle of God's kids keep growing?  Well, if the circle is to continue growing, our stories of His love must be told.  WE are sometimes the only glimpse of God that people see, and His heart is to always reach the one that hasn't yet heard that He loves them with complete abandon.

That's where some other beautiful souls come into this Single Mom of the Year mix.  I'd love to extend congratulations to Erica Howard of Bellevue, WA, and Sally Killoran from Wickenburg, AZ. for also being honorable mentions.  Two beautiful women of God!

And another precious soul that God has chosen to be a voice of His story? Lorri Linkhart - 2014's Single Mom of the Year!  

Lorri, I'm just smiling over here as I read and re-read your quote.  He definitely sees you, beautiful lady. I keep looking at every piece of this saying, "Only God."  I can't wait get to know each of you better and to hear your stories of God's faithfulness in your lives.

Thank you to Jennifer Barnes Maggio and TLSM for all that you do.  Your ministry touches my heart and reminds me that the body of Christ is being equipped daily to love on single parent families in the most beautiful way.   

Jennifer said it beautifully, "Our God is much bigger than any statistic written on a sheet of paper.  The power of God changes lives, offers freedom, and erases pasts.  Two of out three single moms aren't attending church.  As the body of Christ, this should move us to action."  (See Press Release.) 

His story is still being written in this heart and in those of so many others.

Last but not least, my personal story includes two precious young men that are the only reason I get to wear the title of "Mommy."  These two are my first and favorite ministry, always.  

The fact that God has entrusted me with these two makes me brave. Their favorite verse is Neh. 8:10, "The JOY of the LORD is my strength."  And boy has He shown me that through these two!

They know their Source and they know it's not Mommy.  They love me, but they LEAN to their Heavenly Daddy. I'm just the shepherd sent to guide them back to the One who will never disappoint them.  It's my GREATEST honor to raise up these men of God.  When God looks at them, I KNOW He's sees WORLD CHANGERS!  May heaven's roster change because these two were breathed into existence.  Thank you, God for my blessings!

So here, the most important thing I'll write today.  It's about YOUR story.  Yes, YOUR story.

Who is author?  If you don't have one, I have a suggestion. He's the best around.

Let God pen your story and make it HIS story.  

How?  Ask Him.  It's that simple.  He's waiting with pen in hand at the door of your heart, but He's a gentleman.  He'll knock, but then He'll will wait for YOU to let Him in.

Open the door.  Hand Him the pages, empty or full.  His grace erases everything anyway and gives you a new name... a new story. Write HIS word on your heart while HE is writing His love story in your life.

And every time He gives you a chance to share what He's done, be courageous and take it. God likes it when we tell His story.  It's why we're here.

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