A Modern Day Fish and Loaves Story- You In?

So, you remember that story of the Fish and Loaves in the bible?  

The bible tells a story of Jesus and the fellas He hung out with (disciples).  They had a ton of folks to feed and not nearly enough food to do it with.  The freak out factor set in immediately with Jesus's main dudes when they realized this, so the Son of God did what only He could do.

"Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people."

I'm sure the disciples were thinking, "Hey, Lord.  That's crazy cool.... but did you see HOW MANY of them there are out there?  There are thousands to take care of.  5 loaves and 2 fish is awesome, but .... that's not gonna cut it, Lord.  These people need us.  There is NEED here, Lord."

I bet they were paralyzed in their fear and shaking in the faith.  But they walked it out, anyway, because they had that little mustard seed of faith thing going on ... the part of them that knew that God was up to something insanely cool and they were going to get to be part of it.

That's us, guys and gals.  Today.  Right now.  That's us.  
Here's our crowd....

Approximately 15 million people are parenting solo.  
In the United States, 80.6% of those are single mothers.Median income for a single mother home? $25,493 in 2012 (1/3 the median for married couple families at $81,455).
It is estimated to cost $245,000 to raise a child from birth to 18.

 I won't do the math.  I think you get the idea.  This is sacred ground.

Black Friday ads may excite the masses, but when it's difficult to make it through the month financially, the holidays serve up a whole 'lotta fear for so many of these moms that I get to love on.

Good news?  The bible says 365 times that we should not fear. :)  That's one for every day, y'all!   We're about to CHANGE this season for as many SMC moms as God will allow us to love on!

Jeremiah 29:11 says (in a nutshell) that God has a plan and the plan is for good and not for harm.

I want you to help me walk out that plan and celebrate the absence of fear so that these ladies FEEL the love of God's kids.  We GET TO serve! Right?
With the crowd back then, Jesus knew that He needed to meet their physical needs so that they could hear Him for their every need.  We just want to do a little of the same here.

Christmas is about CELEBRATING the One True King, and with God's help, I've had so much fun helping relax a handful of single mothers into that celebration over the last 2 years.  Eyes off the financial constraints and eyes ON the One that loves them most... 

I know.  I know.  You want in. :)  
Here's how...

Click here to send a financial blessing that is gifted straight to a single mom. (Directions in the link for paypal - send to wordstoexpress@aol.com via FRIENDS AND FAMILY only- or Christie will contact you with directions on where to send a check. 100% goes to a single mom for Christmas purchases. Period.)  


As with the Fish and Loaves story, no amount is too small.  Know why?

Because JESUS is here. :)

Just like back in the bible days, His very presence changes things.  $20 turns into a blessing that you never imagined.  I saw $300 take care of 2 large family Christmas blessings last year.  God's power to change lives is off the charts and Christmas is the perfect time to share the love.

Want to see what the results of Jesus looked like back in the day?

"They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over."

AMAZING! I serve the God that brings home LEFTOVERS!  MORE THAN ENOUGH! :)

God's in charge.  I'm just opening up the chance to be part of the miracle for some precious families that I'm blessed to walk with.  

It's time to serve the socks off of the women who are raising 50% of the future.  Are you in?  
Let's do this.  

Love, Christie


DETAILS:  Single Mom Central is my online ministry.  We're not a non profit, so this is not tax deductible.  We're just God's girls loving on God's girls in the way He showed me to do it after my divorce.  He told me to get in the center and I did.  
Right now there are 150 women in our private group. Some with needs.  Some positioned to bless another sister in need.  We all work together for God's best for each family.

I will be providing contribution information on this page to show the total contributions and the # of families those were connected with.

Questions?  Email me at ChristieAitken@gmail.com .

http://www.SingleMomCentral.net Twitter: @ChristieAitken
Google+: +Christie Aitken


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