No Soul Left Behind

Woke up this morning to the news of tragedy in Orlando.

We live in a world in desperate need of saving, my friends.

I literally just wrote in an (unrelated) blog this morning that there is so much beauty in this world in spite of all the tragedy... and there is so much tragedy in this world in spite of all the beauty.

Today I sit in one of the most peaceful places I know reading about tragedy that is so far from peace.  An emotional contradiction of dynamic measure.

It's hard.  We all live this daily.  You simply have to live and breathe to understand.

We can be caught up in the bliss of precious living one moment and all out brought to our knees by the evil around us in another.

Friends, the end days are truly upon us.

I don't say that in a creepy way.  It's just the truth. This deal can't keep going like this for long.

And the end days? The end days are only hopeful if you know where you will spend forever --- and that those you love will go with you.

We can only walk boldly and unapologetically in this world with eternal hope if we know the One who makes it possible.  We don't have to fear the evil we see plaguing our world when we know the One who has eternal victory over it all.

For me personally, I want everyone I know to be frequent flyers at my mansion. Okay? And I want your friends and family and THEIR friends and family to come by, too.

No soul left behind.  That is the goal.

When we know Jesus, it changes things.  The happenings on this side of heaven may ravage our hearts, but the evil one cannot take our internal joy that is far from circumstantial.

I want that for you.  I want that for my kids.  I want that for souls who saw too much and will be forever changed by last night.  I want it for their families that mourn such unfathomable losses today.

I want that for my country.

Today my prayer is that God pours an infusion of love where there is a deficit of it today.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will stir up so much overwhelming outreach that everyone sees the love of Christ over the conversations of hate.  I pray that those who have done these crimes will be brought to justice- and that the evil that exists in their sphere of influence will go back to hell where it came from.

Lord, this was finished at the cross. Let us all be reminded that evil has not won.

Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.  All covered by the Savior who already paid the price for us.  May we choose Him.

❤️- Christie Aitken, 2016

Copyright © 2016 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 



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