This Family

I see eternity's roster changing because this family was breathed into existence by God Almighty and will fearlessly share His truth.

I see a family so content and peace-filled that other families are drawn to them because they want what they have... and that this family is so certain "what they have" is Jesus that they share the same with bold confidence and love.

I see a  mother who is empowered by God's own hand... who confidently and loving leads in seasons where she is the sole provider because of the leadership of her SOUL Provider.

I see a woman who will be able to seamlessly move through seasons because she already leans into the Ultimate Husband in her home and knows that she never walks alone, even when the world deems her "single."

I see diagnoses only being for a season in this family as God weaves the most beautiful testimony of His ability to heal where man speaks only impossibilities.

I see expanded territory rising up that will overflow into the lives of others and beautifully impact everything they touch.

I see God continuing to rise up wisdom and discernment in this family along with the character to handle the expansion to come.

I see the songs of the heart of this mother making their way far beyond the confines of her mind and heart and into the hands of lives that need them.  I see God providing that way and her simply walking in it... doing what He already created her to do.

I see a family where God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things and serve in extraordinary ways.  

I see God raising up a family of world changers in a home where the world says stats should reign.  I see a home where the only One that reigns is God Almighty.

I see a family that fluently speaks the language of hope and grace and JOYFULLY welcomes others into that fold.

I see a family with a thirst for God's word that they know cannot be quenched by the world, but ONLY by the word of God.  

I see a family that dives into His word accordingly and a family that relaxes into His love and provision, waiting for the hand of God to move while doing only the footwork that He gives them.   

I see a family devoted to prayer and completely dependent on the Holy Spirit.
I see a woman who sets an example of working in her God-gifts and callings to allow God to change the world around her.  I see her children soaking up that influence and aspiring to the same, while shaking off generational chains that are not theirs to carry.

I see a family where living for God is no longer an obligation; it's a heart felt desire that starts with the head of the household and pours into and subsequently absorbed by every member of this home.

I see the members of this household continually taking steps in their spiritual journey, reaching new heights in every part of their lives.

I see beauty from ashes and unimaginable giving from a place that used to speak poverty.  I see seeds planted that have Romans 8:28 roots and the harvest from that planting being full, beautiful, and going on to replicate the same in others.

I see a family full of people who are growing in God and discovering that God wants to use them to make a difference...

Where every person is experiencing the fulfillment that only God can give and they KNOW that He is the author and finisher of their faith.

I see a family that is reachable and transparent with healthy boundaries in place always. 

I see a family that does not judge, compete, or compare, but looks to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for their worth.

This family knows at the end of every day that anything good in their lives is not a result of their own hands, but that of God himself, and they never work harder to accomplish what only He can do.  

I see a family that is so knee deep in the love of God that Jesus is made famous with every breath they take and that the legacy they leave simply whispers "Jesus" on the grace filled path they've walked., 2014 
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