Single Moms, I see you. Do you hear Me?

Dear Single Mom,

I saw you at church on Sunday.  It took everything in you to get them there, but you did it.

You stormed all of hell to get that infant into the arms of a nursery volunteer that would pray over them during church.

You told satan his place by getting that 12 year old to Student leadership so that they could pour Jesus into His heart in the way only God's men can.

You remembered that Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me" and you made sure that your youngest was planted in the middle of a praise environment that would teach him that God is fun and that he is loved.

You did it... and I saw you.  I saw you fight through every moment it took to position them well, and I'm so proud of you for fighting the fight to make it happen.

You collapsed into a seat in the Sanctuary... the first one you could find... and then you stood to praise with the energy of 10,000 saints.  As tired as you are and as "spent" as you feel, you used that single hour of time alone to worship with complete abandon... and I saw you.

I saw that moment during prayer that no one else saw.  That moment where you let go for just a moment... where that tear slid down your face and you were just real with your Creator.

I saw a woman brave enough to be broken, and bold enough to know where to take the tears. I saw you and I smiled.  You are among my favorites, my dear.

You got home to a laundry list of things to do and not enough day to get them done.  You played with your kids and pointed them back to the One that loves them most.  You did your own homework for YOUR school and you helped them knock out their homework, too.

You cleaned up messes, did a little yard work, and finally collapsed into a heap on the couch in your den.  You did the job of 2 parents, a teacher, housekeeper, and gardener... and I saw you.

I see you every single day, dear one, and I know today was just another day of working like there is no tomorrow.  I hear you when you say that life may not have gone as planned, but you know the plan for your family and the plan is for good and not for harm.  I hear you declare faith and promise over their future.  I see you walk it out.

And I see you when you are too tired to lift your head... and you fall asleep on the very couch that you collapsed on while you were doing laundry...

And it's okay.  It's okay and YOU are okay.

I see you.  Do you hear Me?

Because I'm here.  I'm the God that adores you and KNOWS how hard you work.  I'm the Father that created you.  The Best Friend that walks with you.  I'm your Other Half if you will allow me to be that in your life.

I will speak to you frequently through the smallest of moments.  I will create provision in your life where there just was no way.  There will be moments when you look up and just know that I was there, because no one else would have ever known.

I "get it" when the world does not... because I know that sometimes no matter how much they want to understand, they can't until they've walked 5 minutes in your shoes.

But a lot of them WANT TO understand... so know that I've entrusted YOU with lovingly teaching them about the life of a single parent... and teaching them HOW to reach the next one.  Because the next one?  The next one may not know me like you do.  They may be a little harder to reach... and I need the body of Christ to know how to get to that one... because she's so important to me, and so are her babies.

I've entrusted you with asking for help when you'd rather do anything but ask for help.  Know why?  When you reach out, they learn... and the next single parent's path is made a little bit less difficult.  YOU are going to be the teacher quite a bit, but I TRUST YOU.  You can do this and you can do it in love.

I've entrusted you with moments where the only saving grace is your relationship with me... and I want the world to see.  Know why?  Because ETERNITY CHANGES when people see YOUR trust in Me and KNOW that I'm your All in All.

Even when you feel the weakest, I want you to know I see you... and I KNOW that you're one of my strongest kids out there.

You are not raising statistics, but raising up young men and young women of God.  Do you hear me, my child?  That's CRITICAL for you to know.

Every statistic about "broken homes" and single parenting that the world tosses your way, I want you to respond in the language of GRACE... with BOLD and LOVING assurance that YOU are raising up a generation of believers that reflect the light of My love and the world will be a better place because YOU have parented in it with My help.

This may not have been the Plan A, but I'm so, so good at turning plan B into my Plan A for your life.  All you have to do is release your life into My loving hands.  I've counted the hairs on your head (even on the days you feel like pulling them out!).  I can handle the details of your life.  I promise.

I see you.  I hear you.  I love you. You are never alone.  I promise.

I see you.  Listen close so you hear Me.

<3 - God , 2014 
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