Do Re Mi Will Never Be The Same

My mind is a wealth of musical contradictions.

Example? At work today I told my coworker, "I was raised on the music of Styx and Chicago."

I have a Spotify channel that is all over the place with musical preference.  Sandy Patti one minute, and Uptown Funk the next.  

Dara Maclean, Broadway faves, and then straight into Laura Story's Blessings.  Toby Mac?  Oh, yeah.  That, too, with a little Mandisa in the mix... and Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.  Did I mention I love them, too?

I know.  I know.

I can't explain it, but it's ALWAYS been like this.

Good news? There's always a station running in my mind.... and chances are, you'll end up liking one of them.

Tonight at home, the song for the night ended up being "Do Re Mi" from the Sound of Music.  

Listen, I can't explain these things.  They just happen.  I'm just singing along and suddenly the hills are alive.  Craziest thing ever.

My little guy thought this was hysterical.

Not that Mommy was singing, mind you.  He's accustomed to that.

It was the song.  He thought the song was totally funny... and I just happened to capture that on video. (You are about to enter the bad hair/no makeup zone.  You've been warned!)

So, then it became a game.

Can we actually get through this song without laughing.

And the survey says.....

Nope.  Not a bit. :)
So we tried again.  We're not quitters, you know. 

Technical glitches are tough out here in the world of movie making.

So, we tried again.

And we learned....

We learned that a needle should pull more than thread.  

It should pull popcorn, too.

We learned that silly songs are more fun when you change the words... and sometimes the world's best music is laughter.

On this last night of Autism Awareness Month, we learned that the moments that define and shape our lives are moments like these.

The moments when we throw caution to the wind and go all bad hair and no makeup because the LOVE is happening in that moment... and that it's just not about me...

The moments when the made up words of a song completely capture the songs of our hearts...

The moments when the giggles overtake us and make every off note "Song of the Year"...

The moments when we realize that a few of our favorite things are already around us, and that Autism Awareness doesn't end with April.  It extends into pure acceptance of everyone around us.

A diagnosis and some symptoms have taught us to love better- with less conditions- than we ever have before.

That's a song that we want to teach the world to sing EVERY day.

SPEAKING of singing....
Back to our Julie Andrews moment.

We tried again.  Yes.  Take 5.

And this time was different.

Because that's how it works in our world.

We play, love, and hope until we get where we want to be... and then we CELEBRATE what God has done.

We learned that jam and bread are probably better with a steak.  We aren't quite sure why the writers of this jam didn't realize that from the jump, but we're giving them grace.

We learned that we can do ANYTHING to which we set our minds.

He learned that he is more than enough... again.  (I love that lesson on repeat! God knew we'd need to hear it over and over.)

I learned that he exceeds my greatest hopes and dreams with every breath he breathes.  Ephesians 3:20 is so real in our lives. 

Tonight I was reminded again that our children - EVERY single one of them - has a desire to love and to learn.

They may not know it until you love them into it, but it's there.

I pray that we as adults use the teachable moments to find the songs of their hearts, their funny bones, or whatever else makes them tick, and I hope that we capitalize on EVERY moment.

Your child is beautiful.  You are enough.  Embrace the moments.  

And even if it's not The Sound of Music, sing YOUR song.

Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved.


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