RUN to the Goodness

It occurred to me over the last few months just how drawn I am how completely taken I am by God's promise that I will "see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

One translation says "I would have despaired unless I had believed" that I would see it. 

Because one time I did despair thinking I wouldn't see it... and God knew I'd need those words.
Some days my vision is blurry and I have to wipe the sleep out of my eyes in order to see it...
Or I stump my toe climbing over the mountain for the day in order to feel it...
But, I decided to believe the promise.

I am going to see it. I am going to see it. I am GOING to see it.
He gives us ALL a glimpse of His goodness on this side of heaven.  Sometimes we have to look harder than others, though, to see that.

See, God is creative.

He doesn't just use our victories and our highest callings.

He uses our mistakes.  He uses our missteps.  He uses our confusion.  
He is willing to use it all, if we allow Him to do so. 
So, yes... even outside of the blinding grace that is the result of a risen Savior, He continues to give us moments of goodness to remind us in ALL things that He is still on the throne... and we can be heirs to that Legacy of Love.
Why does a God who has EVERYTHING continue to pursue our hearts so relentlessly? 

Because He knows we'll forget... and He loves us too much for that. 
Also? Because there is a flip side of the coin... 
Our battle is never against flesh and blood, but all of hell CELEBRATES when we think that it is.  The devil (yeah, he's real, y'all) delights in pitting family against family and friends against friends.   He's been having a FIELD DAY lately, in case you haven't noticed.

So, as we do life in a world that thrives on opposing sides and increasing division, God gifts us with the option of grace that is ours for the taking.  

So, let's do this.  Right now.  No more scrapping for what's ours.  As a child of the King of all Kings, we full out DANCE in the fact that there is PLENTY for ALL of us.

"Lord, today we take off the blinders and CHOOSE to see Your goodness on this side of heaven.  We CHOOSE extravagant grace that only You can provide.
We want to see it so badly that we actively step away from anything that speaks to the contrary and put a stamp of LIFE over our moments on this side of heaven.
We will not succumb to the easier, softer way of the world.  We are done trading empty worldly promises for the Hope of Eternity.

WE CHOOSE YOU, Jesus. Amen."
The world is looking for the goodness, friends.  Hurt is everywhere. Widely accessible and easy to put in our carry on bags. Despair is easy. Complaining and arguing are the ways of the world.  For that matter, a quick dose of happy-with-circumstances is pretty easy to come by, too.
Will you be a place that points them to the only Reliable Source for JOY that trumps circumstance?  

Think about it.  Let's give 'em something to talk about beyond the hurt and the "happy", y'all.
Let's give them Jesus and JOY for eternity.
I guarantee you that Jesus won people through relationship first, and then wooed them to His heart for them.

He never beat anyone over the head with His love.  

He actively caused stones of judgment to be dropped, and let behind a clear plan of action.

Your story doesn't make Him shake His head.  Mine doesn't, either.  And believe it or not?   Neither does the story of this world.
It makes Him want you, me, and all of the rest of His kids EVEN MORE.  He wants us closer to His heart.

I always tell my kids, "The worse the situation is, the faster I want you to run to Jesus and to me."

I believe that is His call to us today, friends.  

Run.  Run quickly to the arms of Jesus.  He's waiting for you there with goodness for THIS lifetime. 

And when it's time for Heaven?  Icing on the cake for eternity.  Right now, though, He's got a world for us to love.  So, get out there and see the GOODNESS of our Lord! :), 2015 
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  1. Amen!!! This resonates with my heart right where I am at, as I am wrapping up a post right now that is similar to this. It is so true the world is looking for the goodness. May God bless :)


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