The Space Between

The air on Saturday is just different. It's the space between. Room to move. Room to breathe. Space to stop being a 'human-doing', but instead a human who knows how to BE just right where they are in any given moment.

This photo is at the top of my prayer closet. "Unrush Me, Lord." 3 words, but quite possibly the most power-filled prayer that I know. Unrush us, Lord.
We're doing a whole lot of "being" around here today at my house.
Loving family. My oldest is helping his "adopted" big brother and sister move. He chose to love on those who love us so well this morning. He said no to something incredibly fun this evening to breathe in some down time and rest. We're still learning and growing every day, but I love the man he's becoming. He chose the greater things today.
Taking care of ourselves. My little one is loving covered, smothered, and chunked in all of the essentials oils. He learned how to swallow a pill this week, too. He's basically living a full grown man life now as a result. :) Just ask him.
Me? Fell asleep on the couch and woke up exactly as I crashed last night. Full night's rest. Kiddo tucked under my arm. I don't even remember closing my eyes, but I totally remember when these two boys closed theirs.
I never knew that this was what they meant by "living the dream", but it turns out, I'm living it.
The air on Saturdays is different, friends. Completely saturated with sweet rest and good coffee. Turns out the two can exist in the same space, and that our friend caffeine has gotten a bad rap over the years.
I'm convinced that God is pretty pleased when we take the Road Less Stressed. I think He smiles the biggest when we dance like nobody's watching in the Land of No Makeup, No Masks, No Problem.
I think He smiles even bigger when we dare to take that show on the road. :)
Life is good, friends. I pray today that you apologetically find your Saturday sweet spot and make it totally YOU. No matter what whirls around you, there is a sweetness and familiarity in knowing what "home" looks like. Wherever YOU are, HE is there.

<3 - Christie Aitken

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