I write.  A lot.  It's part of who I am. 

You know how people say they're "living their best lives"?  That's me when I'm writing.  My best life being lived with every stroke of the keyboard.

... and as beautiful as that feels, God's reminded me this year that my best life doesn't end there.

I'm alive when I sing.  Particularly in the car with my kids, singing songs that beg to be "sannngggg, girl" instead of simply being sung.  (Obligatory shout out to The Greatest Showman's Keala Settle for changing all our car-singing lives!) 

I'm alive when I talk about special education families, and even more alive when I'm doing life alongside them.   Grace.  Strength.  Real emotions.  Raw truth.  My people always.

Alive is the only way to describe the feeling I get when I see a single mother bring her family to church, breaking up every stat that the world has used to describe her family in the past.  Signs and wonders, sister.  THAT is what your babies were made for... and so are you.

I'm alive when I call out the beauty in someone who has met defeat one too many times.  There's literally nothing more powerful than hugging a kid of the King and reminding them that their Daddy owns it all.  Their banner is VICTORY and they are heirs to a Royal Throne.

I'm more alive ever when I pray over God's kids.  A sacred space where the smiles and tears are many, and sometimes they roll simultaneously. Where the tools are spiritual and the battle in the heavenlies is real.  A space where God allows me to play a part in equipping His kids for a war He's already fought and WON on their behalf.

I'm just plain giddy when I'm knee deep in worship.  It's like the sun stands still all over again... just for a moment for me and my Father.  That time is so precious and I know that God uses it to feed my very soul.

When I look at these boys that I have the honor of raising, I never feel more alive, vulnerable, and empowered.  Weak and strong.  Brand new and totally seasoned.  Standing in awe that I am allowed these moments with them.  Amazed by grace.

I'm alive when I'm creating processes and efficiencies.

I'm alive when I'm teaching.

I'm alive when I'm speaking to an audience.

I'm alive when I'm dancing in creative flows... or even just dancing in my den.

I'm alive.

Tomorrow starts my 42nd year of life, and God has simply reminded me tonight to dance in His joy and to remember that one thing.  I'm alive.

Alive for reasons, seasons, purposes, and callings.

Intricately woven with only His best in mind.

Alive.  For this day.  For every day He wakes me up on this side of heaven.

Thank you, Father, for teaching me to be fully alive in each one You give me.

Stretch me.  Grow me.  Use me.

Copyright © 2018 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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