6 Powerful Things That God Loves About You

Across the board, we have to let this sink in.  A relationship with Jesus changes the game, friends.  Here are some beautiful things that we simply must remember.  Here we go...
6 Powerful Things That God Loves About You

1- You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made...
Every wonderful, intricate, beautifully woven detail of you was handcrafted by the Father himself, and He declared it good.  

2- You were completely His idea...
God didn't make mistakes when He made you... because He doesn't have the ability to make a mistake.  Ever.  He whipped up vast oceans, beautiful landscapes, the most extraordinary sunsets... and you.  With a simple breath He created you, and He stood back in awe of His handiwork.  There was not a single "oops" moment.  He didn't have a single second when He said, "Oh, no.  I didn't see that coming."  You were planned for and carefully crafted into being... for signs and wonders, miracles, and ministry.  You are one of His favorite ideas!

3- You will do even greater things...
God knows that you will do even greater things on this earth than Jesus himself did.  How do we know that?  Jesus tells us that in the bible. It's always been the goal.  There is a great commission to fulfill and you are an able, called, appointed, and chosen part of that.  Lives will change because you were breathed into existence.  Eternity will never be the same because you are choosing Jesus.  Why?  Because you won't sit on that promise of forever.  You will launch it into every moment, calling God's kids to their greatest potential and His most high calling.  You will do even greater things, and leave a legacy of lives who will do even greater than you.

4 - You are enough in Him...
There is nothing lacking.  You are complete in Him.  You don't need to try harder, be better, or do more.  You are complete when you simply rest with Him.  You are accepted.  Fully loved.  Completely covered.  Totally celebrated.  All of this... by the One who matters most.  You.  Are.  Enough.  Don't let anyone ever tell you anything different.  The devil is a liar, no how prettied up the lie may be.  Salvation doesn't need anything added to it, and grace is always enough.... because Jesus.

5- You were created for something unique...
There is something in this lifetime that only YOU can pull off... and God created you for that time, place, and purpose.  There's a word that only you can speak, a book that only you can write, an encouragement that only you can give.  You are critical to God's plan on this side of heaven.  You are valuable.  If He had desired cookie cutter universe, He would have created it.  All of us with matching everything... personalities, clothes, builds, likes, dislikes, and more.  In His infinite wisdom, though, He created YOU.  Me.  Him.  Her.  Beautifully unique.  For a purpose.  For His delight.  For the betterment of this world.  YOU.

6 - ____________________ ...
This is blank on purpose.  There are things about you that are praiseworthy simply because God poured them into you or allowed you to be in the middle of them.  I don't know what your blank holds, but I bet you and God both know.

A competitive spirit.  A sweet, soft nature.  A health and wellness lifestyle on display that guides others physically.  A life of recovery that started in a ditch and now stares at heaven... or even one still in the ditch thinking you might want to try that staring at heaven thing one day. A perfectly awful painter who finds the greatest joy in painting.  Business savvy that leads well.  An off-key, but ever so joyful noise.  A talent for dance.  A life that dances to the beat of a different drum.

Weakness on display by worldly standards, displaying His strength in the spiritual.  Someone who models servant-hood powerfully on a regular basis.  Physical beauty that commands attention.  A great mind that thinks deeply.  An emerging communicator willing to walk through the awkward to get to His best.  A brilliant educator. 

Someone whose made mistake after mistake to get to the invention God always had in the back of their minds. Financial prowess with vision to match.  A grand presence in the kitchen.  A mess on the tennis courts who finds joy in the playing.  
A parenting powerhouse.  A laundry nightmare that knows how to pray the paint off the walls in the middle of a mess.  An honorable son.  A beautiful daughter.  A phenomenal husband or wife.  A person with the status of single who recognizes the gift in their hands.  

There are literally endless options as to what could be written here, friends.  Only you and God know what goes in this blank, but I assure you it's something that only God can do through you... and He uses it all.  

You are so loved. Unconditionally.  Always.  His.  Receive it.  A list of 6 Powerful Things That God Loves About You is only the beginning.   Cling close to Him and let Him show you the many ways He loves you.  It's as limitless as the sky, and He's not going anywhere.

Copyright © 2018 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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