Confession... I'm looking for "the 1"

Single gal confession?  I'm looking for "the 1."  

{{Oh wow.  She just said that.  

On the internet.  For the WORLD to see.  

Bless her sweet little heart.}}

Yes.  I'm going there.  I'm looking for "the 1" and I need your help.

{{Well, isn't SHE quite the brassy one! Goodness gracious. She's either bold or desperate.  Either way, this sister is one hot mess.}}

Okay, okay.  

I give.

I AM looking for "the 1", but it's not exactly what I might have lead you to believe. 

Ulterior Motive, meet my friend, Good Cause.

First, I think we can all agree that if I were "lookin' for love" that a blog post would certainly define looking in "all the wrong places".  Agreed? 

So, if I'm not looking for someone to put a ring on it (future hubby, please take note, this is a CRAZY GORGEOUS one that would not make me sad at all when God says it's time :) )...

Then what in the world am I babbling about?

Today I took a step back and looked at WHY I do what I do... 

and it brought me to this post.

Why did my kids and I ever take on something as grand as World Dyslexia Day or Roundtable Solutions or the #RedeemingRed campaign?

Why do I have this drive to get out of the box learners to accommodations?  

Why is it like AIR to know that students are finding their God-given purpose because teachers and parents are working with them in the way they are hardwired to learn? 

And my answer was the same as it was the first day this crossed my mind....the 1.  I am desperate to find "the 1"... over and over again.

The "1" on that day was a boy sitting in front of me who had no idea how brilliant he really was.  He had no idea that God created Him with purpose and passion.  

And then there was another "1"... and he didn't speak understandably until he was 3 years old... but he said his first sentence in a therapy swing... and he made the OT and I cry as we watched God's plan unfold in his little life.

Then there was the "1" who had surgery and rocked a wheelchair, and later crutches, at the beginning of a school year.  But instead of worrying about what was or what mind be scary later on, he makes plans for his own pizza parlor and will readily tell you that he's a superstar. :)  I agree.

There are more "1's" out there, though.

I'm looking for them now.  I'm looking for the 1 that's still without accommodations in school, making it painfully difficult to meet their God-given potential.

I'm searching for the 1 out there who can't afford tutoring, but needs it as much as anyone else.  The parent that sits there wondering how they can help when there is more month left than money, but the learning needs are screaming for more than what a school day can cover.

I'm desperate to find the 1 who has heard they are less than what God created them to be... and to love them as they dive in and discover that Jeremiah 29:11 was written about THEM.  That God had them in mind when he wrote it and that He thinks they are one of His best ideas ever.

I want to find the 1 with dyslexia. The 1 with autism. The 1 with langer giedion syndrome. I want to find as many of the 1's out there as God will bless me to find.

But I can't do it alone.  A search of this magnitude needs more "1's" searching for the 1.

It will take our hearts.  It will take a lot of 1 dollar bills.  It will take all of us together  in pursuit of the 1.

My search follows the example set so beautifully in Luke 15 in the bible.  God goes after "the 1." He doesn't count how many have made it to where they need to be and then say, "Whew. That's some good numbers we've got going. Let's rest now.  Our stats are pretty good.  This is a good "win" ratio."

No. No. No. He ALWAYS goes after the 1 that is still in need.
Here's how you can join our search for the 1:

1- Give $1 dollar for the 1.

2- LIKE us on Facebook and tell a friend!

3- Contact us about volunteering your gifts, talents, and passions. 

I'm looking for the 1.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Join me.  I dare you. :)  

©Christie Aitken, 2014
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