Officially Red- How To Be It - World Dyslexia Day

So, you've heard about people using RED for dyslexia awareness and you want to be legit.

We understand.  We understand.  (If you don't get the reference, go talk to your parents.)

Anyway, we get it. We want you to know the roots of this campaign and be #OfficiallyRed, too!

You can join businesses, states, cities, and other countries around the world in the OFFICIAL campaign for all things red.

We did THIS in 2014.  It was a crazy cool way to show your heart for the 1 in 5 who have dyslexia.  

Pretty cool, eh? :)

We think so, too.

So what about 2015?  HOW DO YOU JOIN THE TEAM?

Well, truth be told, there's a lot of ways to go red, but only ONE way to be #OfficiallyRed.
Here's the scoop...

1. READ THE STORY.  The Original Red Story- From Seeing Red to Redeeming Red

2. REGISTER.  CLICK HERE TO GO OFFICIALLY RED (group or individual listing).  We will plug you into a place that you will LOVE being involved!  Locally, globally, online... whatever works BEST for you!

3. SHARE THE EVENT.  Hit FB, Twitter and beyond with your logo to declare that you are #OfficiallyRed by sharing THIS link:


HASHTAGS TO USE (just type in your post)
: #RoundtableSolutions           #DyslexiaRed
                                                                                #RedeemingRed                    #WorldDyslexiaDay


* Wear Red                           * Rockin' Red Shoes              * Red Hats
* Light Up Red                     * Red Silly String Fights        * Red Fire Trucks
* Red Face Paint                   * Red Costumes                     * Red Ribbons
* Red Pep Rallies                  * Red Banners                        * Red Balloons
* Red Themed Parties           * Drive a Red Vehicle            * Red Artwork
* Red Silly Socks                  * Red Jerseys                          *Go Red YOUR Way!

YOU can be the change for the #1in5 and beyond.  Are you ready to be Officially Red?  We are!

CHECK OUT 2014's FLASH MOB  The 2015 UPDATE will be posted VERY soon!

You can perform ONLINE via video OR LIVE with our Official Tower and Capitol Lighting in Montgomery, AL.

AMBASSADORS OF HOPE- Applications COMING SOON for the Roundtable Solutions Dyslexia Ambassadors of Hope (Dyslexia) VERY soon! 

What a GREAT adventure with wonderful friends by our side!

May the lives of the 1 in 5 and beyond be forever changed because God trusted us with this piece of the puzzle. This time next year?  There will be stories of tutoring, volunteers, speaking engagements, and so much more.  World changers live within the heart of Roundtable Solutions... and we're looking for others.  Will you join us?

Love, Christie, Beau, and "D"
Roundtable Solutions

©Christie Aitken, 2014, 2015
Twitter: @ChristieAitken 
Google+: +Christie Aitken 



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