Does This Seat Belt Wrinkle My Cow Outfit?

The things you think you'll never think or say?

Yeah... I thought and said them today.

Driving to Chick Fil A on Cow Appreciation Day, and I actually thought, "I wonder if this seat belt is wrinkling my cow outfit?"

The absurdity of that thought hit relatively quickly as straightened out my attire, so then I thought, "Lord Jesus, PLEASE don't let me have a wreck dressed like a cow."

It's udderly ridiculous ( you see what I did there?) the extremes that we will go to for our kids.

And that's a nice excuse until I tell you that my kids were not in the car with me.

Not only was I having this conversation in cow garb, but I was having it with myself.

It just keeps getting better.  Right? :)

In my defense, I was MEETING my kids at the restaurant.

As an aside, you have never seen a woman scurry across a parking lot quite as quickly as when she's dressed in cow garb trying to find the children that will be the living, breathing explanation for the same.

((Next year I'm stepping up my game and going completely alone.  It's one thing for a single gal to eat alone (I've learned to LOVE that time), but it's a whole 'nother deal when she's dressed in cow spots.  I dare you.  Do it, singles (and parents who manage to escape for an alone minute). 2016's our year.))

Hey- speaking of awesome... I have to tell you this.  A different kind of awesome, but exceptionally cool, nonetheless.

Here's a picture of one of the most polite, intentional children I've ever met.  I think his Dad is the owner of the Chick Fil A that we visited tonight in Montgomery, AL.  Anyway, my son noticed that someone had written a curse word inside the playground area.  It was hidden in a place where it was hard to notice, but it was there.  So, my son made it his mission to get it cleaned up before we left.  Then my niece joined him in that effort.  And then this child noticed, and did the same.

He came up to me after our dinner to introduce himself and to thank me for allowing my son and niece to help him clean up the poor wording.  He was so well spoken, that I know I looked shocked... and I completely forgot his name, but I'll never forget his heart.  It was very clear that he saw the business as his home and that he had welcomed the community into it tonight... that he took ownership (even at his age) of the blessings God had given them and had a heart to serve others.

Chick Fil A continues to do it right, y'all.  They inspire us to be bold.  They inspire us to care.  They inspire us... and we just love coming back because of that.  And that chicken?  God bless America.  That chicken is yum.   Happy Cow Appreciation Day 2015, friends!

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