Glitter and the Monday after Vacation

The first day at work after a retreat with my loves and with folks who "get" us like none other.  I must tell you that I'm 10 shades of tempted to have a pity party about going back to the real world.

Like EVERY fiber of my being wants to cry, whine, and throw a tiny grown-up fit.  With chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

I'm not feeling very holy right now, friends.  Can we admit stuff like that here?

I feel like pulling my head under the covers... and staying there... and then getting my kids in the car and sneaking off to Six Flags for the day once people think I'm sound asleep.... and giggling the whole way there. :)

That's what I feel like doing.

Yep.  Back to the real world.  In less than 12 hours.

But God.... :)  Right?

God reminded me tonight that the loveliness of last week was the "real world", too.  :)  It was amazing, wonderful, relaxing, and spoke my love language in every way possible... and these are ALL things that I can take into my every day life.

So, albeit not my natural inclination for a Monday after vacation, I'm started a working gratitude list now.  For every sigh, pout, and whimper I feel about leaving my boys and returning to the regular groove tomorrow, I'm going to find something shiny, happy, & glittery to replace it with (because face it- glitter helps - and it NEVER leaves you once you've touched it-- {{and all the dance teachers said, "Amen"}}).

I am GOING to shift the focus to Jesus for Monday.

First three pieces of awesome to make the list?

1- I have a job.  For real, y'all.  I have a job.  I could stop there.
2- I have kiddo care with folks that know about super heroes and DELIGHT in caring for them. :)  They are HONORED to love on my buddy in the way God hard-wired him... and I love them.  Simply love them.
3- I have wheels to get to both places.  Wheels that sparkle with a paid for 1998 glow.  That is snazzy to the nth degree, friends.  You just can't beat it. <3

More to come, but look what God has already done.  The desires of my heart are just bonus material. He's already exceeded everything we need with the basics.

If Monday is eating your lunch, start a list.  I think you'll be surprised with all of the "glitter" that you find there.  PS. I hope it STICKS!

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