Knock Their Socks Off

It's a good day to wake up and change lives for the better.

That's for all of us.  Why? We all have something to bring. We do!

How do we do it? In the very spaces God has placed us, we just dive in. The office cubicle. The CEO chair.  The nonprofit service role. The delivery truck. The front desk. The garbage truck. The kitchen. The home.

We dive into the current sphere of influence we have been given and just love folks.

We celebrate others in their God-given spaces.

We pour into others as God provides the opportunity.

We remember that the table is a big one and all are invited.

We stand ready and waiting to pull up a chair for the next guy or gal.
We remember the reason we have a chair to begin with and we make His name great every step along the way.

Today's that chance. Tomorrow, too.

One day at a time.

Now get out there and knock their socks off with God's love and a message of hope that is contagious.

Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken.
All rights reserved.


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