By Our Worship

We recognize our friends.  Mine would likely describe me as "the girl with big, curly hair."

Hey... it's a thing.  You either embrace it or you go down with a flat iron in your hand as the Alabama humidity falls out of its chair laughing hysterically at you.

Sometimes we describe our friends by their characteristics.  "She's the girl with curly, big hair and she's always laughing."  (I'm going with only the best case scenario descriptions today, friends.  Notice, however, that the big hair JUST WON'T go away.  It's a staple in every description.)

Anyway, this weekend God brought me to a realization.  He did it in a really subtle, understated way.  Nonetheless, He did it.  He wants more.

I was at a women's conference that my church hosts each year.  Thousands of women journey to our church over a 3 day period to soak up all that God has for them.  It's a powerful time, and we end up seeing a LOT of people over the course of the time we are there.

Add to that the single mother's ministry that I run online at Single Mom Central, and I am likely to see many women that I e-know, but have never met in person.  I know them by heart, but may have never gotten to meet them face to face.  To some that sounds like insanity, but I promise you Jesus is so real there.  It's astounding how He works.

So, on Night #1 of the event, our seats were in the back.

The praise music started, and for some reason I looked to my left.  There was a woman there worshipping, and it was beautiful to watch her have this up close and personal encounter with the King of Kings.

She was clearly just resting in His presence and delighting in all that was His love.

I watched her for a moment.  I could not see her face.  It was dark, and the only thing I could make out was blond hair and a pony tail.  She literally could have been anyone for all that I could see of her features from where I was sitting and the way the lighting hit.

But I knew her. I knew within a moment it was my online friend, Christine.  We've met in person maybe 2 or 3 times.

We connect online nearly daily, though.  I know this precious daughter of the Most High King by HEART.  That's just God, y'all.  Only God builds those kind of friendships.

I didn't interrupt her time with our Father, but I knew.  That was my friend, and I was so blessed by her in that moment... and she had no idea.

Ladies, what does it look like if people know us by our hearts?  What if people recognize us by the way we worship instead of the way we look?

Oh, I pray that's a thing in my life.  May people see a trail of grace and love that could ONLY be the signature of my Father.  May they see it in me.  May they see it in you.  Worship that speaks so effectively that we never have to identify ourselves or say a word.

Let it be, Jesus.  Let it be.

Copyright © 2015 by Christie Aitken.
All rights reserved.


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