9-11 Angels

Years have passed and our hearts still ache
From that tragic September day.

Our smoke filled skyline said it all
As so many lives were taken away.

These planes did not fly in the air as they should.
Their landings all seemingly wrong.

Yet, one of those planes went down with a fight
Singing a truly American song.

In a single remote Pennsylvania field
Our freedom fight found it's start.

Those voices rang loud a resounding 'no'
Touching every American heart.

For the victims in New York and Washington
The losses were so wide spread.

Some traveled by planes, some worked at their desks-
With monotony they would have felt blessed.

Instead they were struck with the worst of all fears-
An attack of the land we all love.

One common thread ties these horrendous events.
Our nation reached out in love.

As each of these angels met their Maker
We all did the next right thing.

We held each other tightly
Lifting prayers to our Heavenly King.

We swept and we searched and we freely shed tears.
Now we hug and remember loved ones.

Today 9/11's angels will smile...
Their life's purpose- FREEDOM- was won.

©Christie Aitken, 2003
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