Eyes on the Prize at the Back of the Line

Mark 9:35 - He sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them, “Whoever wants to be first must be least of all and the servant of all.”

Lord, teach me to be last... over and over again.

Teach me to be last and leave a trail of grace that speaks Jesus on repeat.

Chosen, but humble.

Called, but caring.

Royalty, but full of graciousness.

Strong, but meek.

Hanging out at the back, but willing and able to lead through Your love.

A defender and encourager of the weak who sees the strength they already hold inside, and REMINDS them of that strength.

One who is honorable-- decidedly stepping away from agendas and deceit.

Lord, make me one who only has an Agenda of Joy.

Teach me to serve sacrificially like You did.

Because it is never about me, Lord.


It is always about getting them to You.

Eyes on the prize... at the BACK of the line.  I'm ready.

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