What are the Desires of God's Heart?

So many times we ponder the desires of our own hearts.

You know it...

The dream that just won't go away, but has not become reality in your life.

The little tug in your heart that calls you to something you can't quite reach.

The ache in your spirit that has you homesick for a place that has never been home except for in your heart.

We think on these things.  We dream on these things.  We seek the heart of heaven in regard to these things.

But do we seek the desires of God's heart?  Do we ponder what those are?  Because He has them... but they are all about us.  His heart is always to win the hearts of His children.... to usher us into His presence.

Desires.  For us.  His children.  It's just what He does.

So, that dream in your heart.  It won't go away because He planted it there.

That tug in your heart.  It's unreachable by you, because God wants to build the expectancy of heaven in your heart.

That ache in your spirit.  Oh, that ache.  It's so real.  It's real to Him, too.
If we never ache, we never know the hand of the Healer.

So, I pray that we dream.  I pray that we feel tugs that we can't reach.  I pray that we ache.

Let us be homesick for the desires of Your heart for us, Lord... and in Your time, Lord, show us Your healing hand.

Be it on this side of heaven or forever with You, we are ready, Lord.  We are ready.

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