Covenant Friends

Waiting for the bus in the quiet of today and am struck by the words "covenant friends." Prayed with a beautiful soul last night. She's one of mine.
In Samuel 18 the bible describes it as "And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself."
Covenant friends love you like they love themselves. Such a beautiful quality. Uniquely loving like Jesus loves.
They stand with, affirm, lovingly hold you accountable, pray with you, are honest, available and more.
It's a small circle friends. Never intended to be filled by just anyone. Carefully select who speaks into your life- because words matter. Willingly speak life into those that God allows you to reach.
Will you get hurt as you pour out? Maybe. But the One we serve did, too. So pour out anyway.
The covenant friends in your life will lift you up and pour back into you. His truth. His love. His grace. His word.
It's always worth it. 🙏


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