Daily Bread Style Vacation

Give us this day our DAILY bread.  That's what Jesus asked our Father to give him.  Just bread for THAT day.

Gotta be honest and tell you that this week we've had some needs that booted my prayer requests into the unknowns of next month instead of God's PROMISE for today.

Ever been there?

Shoulders in my ears.  Stressed to the hilt. Straight up worried about needs being met when I KNOW that my Daddy owns it all.

The devil likes to take us there.  He likes to KEEP us there.  And there will always be something to qualify a stay in the Land of Worry.

If we choose it, though, there is always rock solid PROOF to keep us in the joy and strength of the promise of THIS DAY.

The vacation is the day that we are already in.  How amazing is that!

Vacation with me. Daily bread style. 😎⛱☀️

❤️- Christie Aitken, 2016
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