Like the Only Child He Has.... REST

Some days we need to step back from it all and do a little self care. Today's that day for me.

My oldest son is getting a "big sis" day complete with church, serving, and his small group. He's grown into quite the young man.  I love his heart.

My youngest is getting a movie and games day with a Just Mommy & Me small group at the house tonight. (Bible story of his choice with 8 zillion questions, I'm certain.)  His questions keep ME growing in God's emoticon

And me? I am soaking up all of the praise music I can while taking care of me. Sometimes we just need the quiet. God MADE US to crave those moments with Him. It's what allows us to give out of the overflow when life is wonderfully loud, full, and ninety to nothing.

I hope you hear this and hold it in your heart....

It's OKAY to slow down, my friends.

Do you ever get to remind yourself of that, too? smile emoticon

It's okay to slow down as long as we don't isolate and stay there alone. Because as much as we were created for the quiet places with Him, we were also created for relationships with His kids and the iron-sharpens-iron community of the local church.

It's a balance... and I pray to never forget it.

Church tonight online (we never have to miss a week, friends! - what a beautiful ministry are our online small groups, ministries, and services in ALL of our churches).

My schoolwork is done for this week, and graduation is almost here.  I can hardly believe how fast these times are flying by!

Coffee, prayers, and organizing in the now... because each make me smile. heart emotico Just for today, a Sabbath in my jeans, tee shirt, and ponytail. 

And I suppose that is my prayer for YOU....

Wherever you are having YOUR Sabbath day (a day of rest with God), I pray that it makes you smile and that you feel His presence there.

Let Him love on you like you're the only kid He has. His love is big enough for just that. heart emoticon I promise.

Copyright © 2016 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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