Faithful. True. Brand New.

I woke up and knew it was time to write.  My plans today have shifted from attending church in person and praying for God's kids there to attending church online and praying for God's kids here.  God's really been teaching me over the last ten years of so that I don't have to freak out when the plans change, but instead I can go with His flow.  And, so, we go...

This weekend has been an All Things New kind of weekend. 

Scratch that.  This MONTH has been a month where I recognized something God has been doing for some time now.

I first noticed it when we got a "new to us" couch last month followed up by a coffee table of similar pre-loved leanings.  My youngest son said, "Mommy, how many more new things are we going to get?"

At the time I just smiled.  I love his to-the-point communication.  How good is this going to get, Mama?  Tell me now! He trusts me implicitly to relay to him the good to come, and I love telling him.  It's completely my joy.

So, what's happening around here?

See, God has slowly, but surely, been replacing everything in this home that He and I didn't build together.  If it's from another season of life and carried with it negative memories or simply reminders of a life I once had, He has been faithful to simply provide His new in its place. 

Why?  Because He is doing something new, and we can't take old baggage on this brand new journey.

We are literally in a place where everything in this house has been made new.  He did it slowly.  He did it lovingly.  He knew what our hearts could handle all of those early years.

But He did it, friends, like only He can!

I look around and I see only what God's built, and it's so symbolic of what He can do (and IS doing!) in our lives.  No matter what trenches you are coming from, no matter what devastation you have faced, our Father has NEW for you.

Joel 2:25 says it so directly. "I WILL repay you for the years the locusts have stolen..."

There's no question there.  There's no maybe from our Maker.  He says that He WILL, and I stand as a woman who can fully attest that He can, He will, and HE DOES.

2 Corinthians 5:17 brings it by saying, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old is GONE, the new is HERE!"

It's a celebrate-where-you're-at kind of deal, friends.  There are promises with your name on them.  I pray you grab hold of them today.  Cling tightly to what your Father says about you. 

He's not promising some kind of refurb situation in your life.  No, not at all.  He's promising complete restoration, total healing, and a completely new existence.  It's POWERFUL stuff!

It's His joy when we come to Him and celebrate the smallest of "new" that He places in our world.  He loves it when we say, "How much more, Daddy? How much new do you have in store?!" 

No surprise that at the end of the Book (Revelations 21:5), it's said in this way, "And He who sits on the throne said, "Behold, I am making ALL THINGS NEW."  And He said, "Write for these words are FAITHFUL AND TRUE."

God never stumbles around in His approach.  Much like my little one's approach, He's a clear, direct communicator.   He tells us in Revelations, "Write it down, guys.  This is a PROMISE... faithful and true." (Christie translation :) )

Write it down.  Faithful.  True. Brand new.  It's all yours, straight from your Father's hand.

Copyright © 2017 by Christie Aitken. All rights reserved. 


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